Grandparents package

Bedsteforældre - Tilbud - Hjarbæk Fjord Camping
There is no such thing as a great vacation for grandparents and grandchildren. At Hjarbæk Fjord camping, we think it’s really nice when several generations have fun at our campsite. That is why we have made a good package for grandparents and their grandchildren, with many good things included, so that the grandparents only need to have fun, relax, and play with the grandchildren. When the “old ones” need some peace, the grandchildren can have fun on our large playground, or in our Gameroom, which all guests on the square have access to. We have put together a package so that there is a bit of everything for big and small. Bring your caravan and have a nice holiday with your grandchildren. * Grandparents package must be ordered and paid for prior to arrival
  • 4 nights, 2 grandparents and 2 grandchildren
    Kr. 2.000,-
    Own caravan in optional space, a game of mini golf, an old-fashioned ice cream waffle with two balls and "guf", a canoe trip and a Pizza for everyone. Power pack is included.
  • Canoe trip
  • Breakfast
    All days. Picked up at the kiosk every morning