Craftsman accommodation

Accommodation for Craftsmen

After a long day of work, most people need peace and quiet so they can be ready for the morning to come.
You are welcome to bring your caravan to Hjarbæk Fjord Camping, or rent a cabin and stay at a good price.

At Hjarbæk Fjord Camping we are open all year.

So here you will find a campsite with a magnificent view of Hjarbæk Fjord,
There is a very short distance to the major construction sites in Viborg and Skive municipality, so it is easy for you to get back and forth.

To make it as easy for you, we give a possibility to buy both dinner and lunch for the next day, delivered directly to the site.

Fastligger Oversigt - Hjarbæk Fjord Camping

Prices and options

  • Own Caravan
    Kr. 1.450,-
    Per month. A power package is available for purchase
  • Cabin
    Kr. 750,-
    With toilet, 2 people a day including electricity. In winter, power packs must be purchased
  • Cabin
    Kr. 400,-
    Without toilet, 1 person pr. night
  • Facilities
    Rental of space / cabin, heated toilet, shower and kitchen facilities. Free internet access
  • More options
  • Gas
    Kr. 230,-
    Pr. bottle
  • Powerpack 100 kwh
    Kr. 650,-

Atmosphere and facilities

Contact us for craftsman accommodation