Café and kiosk

Just what you need

In our combined Café and kiosk you can buy what you didn’t bring from home, and enjoy some delicious food with good drinks.

Or try our old-fashioned ice cream waffles with “guf”.

We bake rolls, flutes and bread every day. Remember on weekdays in the low season, you must order the day before.

Food and drink

Meat balls

Goog meat balls with potato salad and fresh green salad

Kr. 55,-

A good glass of wine

Enjoy a good glass of wine with snacks

Kr. 35,-


Delicious Nachos are served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream

Kr. 55,-

  • Pizza
    Pizza with pepperoni, ham or kebab
    Kr. 65,-
  • Pasta salad with chicken and bacon
    Kr. 55,-


Breakfast can be enjoyed in the Café

REMEMBER that breakfast must ALWAYS be ordered the day before!

We make sandwiches with salad, chicken, tomato, cucumber and dressing – but it must be ordered in advance.


Good beers from Hancock Brewery
Freshly made cofee
Signature wine
  • Hancock draft beer
    Kr. 35,-
  • Freshly made cofee
    Kr. 20,-
  • Hjarbæk Fjord Camping wine (from Chile)
    Kr. 65,-

Dread prices

  • Danish cake
    Kr. 45,-
  • Cinnamon roll
    Kr. 15,-
  • Raspberry cake
    Kr. 15,-
  • Muffins
    Kr. 12,-
  • Skagen "Horn"
    Kr. 15,-
  • All rolls
    Kr. 7,-
  • Whitebread with poppyseeds
    Kr. 30,-
  • Carrto bread
    Kr. 30,-
  • Rye bread
    Kr. 35,-
  • Flutes - White or rough
    Kr. 25,-

Atmosphere from Café and kiosk

Old fashioned ice cream cones

With “guf”, jam or chocolate sauce

Cosy Café

Here you can enjoy both food and drink.

For the sweet tooth

Lots of delicious sweets for the sweet tooth